PicoBerry ADA Staking


ALL Pool rewards from our first block-minting Epoch will be distributed among Delegators, proportionally to their Stake

Join in, stick around and enjoy extra rewards

Get rewards on your ADA

(5-6 % APY expected)

Staking is risk free

Your coins never leave your Wallet

Cardano Staking Pool - Built on Raspberry Pi - Ready for Minting

Margin: 0% (guaranteed for 2021)

Fixed Cost: 340

Pledge: 5k

Ticker: [PICO]


How to Stake on PicoBerry?

Staking is easy, your only prerequisite is a supported Wallet with any amount of ADA on it. Preferred Wallets are the official Apps from IOHK, namely Yoroi or Daedalus.

Open your Wallet on Yoroi (Mobile/Browser)

Click on Delegation List

"Search for Id or Name" and search for PICO


Open your Wallet on Daedalus (PC)

Open Delegation Center

Click Stake Pools and type in PICO

In the Info Box click Delegate to this Pool